The Benefits of Micro-Needling

the benefits of micro-needling according to mignon's spa training and consult

Micro-needling is a brilliant age reduction technology that produces some of the finest dermatological results imaginable. Another term for micro-needling is also “collagen induction therapy”. Micro-needling causes micro injuries to the skin to induce collagen production. It is similar to scarring, but because the injuries are so tiny, you will never see actual scarring, just improved skin tightness and wrinkle reduction.

How does Micro-Needling Work?

Usually, a skin specialist will apply a topical treatment to your skin to numb the skin, as well as applying a growth serum. The specialist will determine the needle length, and glide the micro-needling device across your skin, creating those micro-injuries we discussed.

After this, your skin will begin pumping collagen to the micro injuries to repair them, resulting in the benefits of micro-needling, listed below.

What can Micro-Needling Treat?

Micro-needling has many benefits, including the following:

  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Fine Line Reduction
  • Angti-Aging
  • Stretch Mark Reduction
  • Scarring Reduction

Should my Spa Have a Micro-Needling Service?

Yes, yes, YES! Micro-needling has a huge demand, and offering a service will set your spa ahead of the game in the industry. It is easy to get certified in micro-needling, and once you get your spa specialists all certified, you will be able to offer micro-needling to all of your business’s clients!

How do I get Certified?

Luckily, we offer micro-needling certifications here at Mignon’s Spa Training and Consult! Feel free to see our full page of Certification Courses to see what else we offer. Just simply click “Sign Up” on that page under our Micro-Needling package, and fill out the form you are directed to! We will get back to you shortly with our upcoming dates.

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