What is Dermaplaning? Let’s Speak to the Trainer!

dermaplaning explained by mignon from mignon's spa training and consult

We sat down with Mignon Wessels, International Licensed Trainer and Owner of Mignon’s Spa Consulting Training and Equipment to find out what she loved about Dermaplane:

Mignon says: “Dermaplane is definitely an instant gratification treatment, with a very low cost, huge profit line and great revenue booster. Other deeper exfoliation methods like microdermabrasion creates an abrasion and pressure with a vacuum and causes a ‘drag’ on the skin that create heat and can lead to erythema. Dermaplane is suitable for the most sensitive and gentle skin because there’s no aggression.”

Why train with you?

“I started this company because of my extreme passion for quality education, and my goal in each training class is to ensure that every student leave with the confidence and knowledge to start working on clients immediately” Mignon also says: “I want to be a lifelong Mentor for each of my students, to be just a phone call away if they need any help”

When is your next training?:

“Our next course is the 10th of June 2017 and it is an of 8 hour in class training course that include a full Kit (Full set of supplies to service 10 clients), training manual and lunch. The tuition is $275.”

Sign up now for the June 10th Dermaplane Certification Course, before it’s too late!

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